Sunday, September 11, 2011

Cosy feet in our rooms

Gaz organised through his tradeys at work to be put on the waiting list for any end of line carpet going cheap.
Only instruction from his wife was a nice neutral colour...
A batch popped up with the perfect amount for our two bedrooms and a nice mousie brown colour (which happens to be pretty similar to the orginal carpet but a brand new Godfrey Hurst wool cut pile) so i was happy. Finally we could ditch the shitty pieced together carpet which was about as comfortable as walking on bare floor boards. So we moved our two rooms into the lounge for the week and ripped into it. No underlay to be seen under the old carpet... and the ease in which it came up with suggested someone had just cut it to size and slapped em in place. Beauty.

Once it was all ready we handed it over to a carpet guy... and in and a couple of hours later we had that nice new carpet smell wafting through the house. What a treat on your feet! Underlay cushy goodness! And this is how it looks:

Doesnt it look pretty!?!

New cupboard

Gotta new cupboard... it is deceptively small with its little wooden door... but inside there is loads of room with shelving up the side and coat/shoe/vacuum cleaner storage as well us under house access. Its good little storage places like this that make a small house easier to live in i rekon! Managed to save some $ and retain some character too by re-using the old door from the hallway cupboard that we removed.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Bringgggg on summer cos we have a deck!

I haven't seen something come together so fast in my whole entire life! A deck in a weekend - Score!

It started out like this...

Required a whole lot of this:

Two amazingly motivated husbands which i can only lay claim to one of.

Oh, and a LOT of beer!

Might i add that the deck/beer drinking started at 8am on saturday...
wasnt long until it was looking like this:

and by 3pm on Sunday the last boards went on and we could lay claim to a brand new deck! Never mind the fact that we can now stare straight into our neighbours lounge... akkkkwaaard!

But who cares cos looooooooooooooook!!

Even lego thinks it a bit of alright!

Thanks a million Mr Finley! and thanks Lee for letting us steal him for the weekend! :) Was worth every single smart arse comment that came out of that boys mouth!