Tuesday, June 21, 2011

House to ourselves again!

We loved having the Cody and Katie as flatties for the last 6 months or so... they put up with us quite well!
But, they have gone, ditched us to be australians. Rude. :P

We have our spare room back! Quite exciting.. so if you are in wellington at any stage in the future.. we can now put you up on a sweet couch bed at the raminkins resort. That is.. providing you are OK with renos happening around the place! But its warm!

Lounge paintage

You may have just had a sneak preview of the new lounge paint in the previous post.. but it does really deserve its own story.

We spent the weekend re-gluing the seams of our horrid pink wall paper which i want to spew at. Made it alot better all fixed down though, never going to be perfect but at least we could paint it now.

So last night the paintbrush and roller came out to play. Turns out climbing a ladder is getting more and more difficult with a belly in the way. But anyway.. we painted the crap out of the spew pink and wholey crap its looks good even with seams and the odd mark.. just going to pretend they aren't there.

See for yourself!



and this is the ridiculously motivated father-to-be

The holiday keeps on giving

So, was feeling quite lucky after the previous post and what Gaz had achieved while i was on holiday.
Turns out theres more...
Last night he teased me to death with "ive got a suprise coming for you tomorrow". I dont do suprises.. and it involved multiple tanties last night as i tried to guess what this stupid suprise was going to be.

He dragged it out all day with texts and phone calls just to make me really grumpy.

Anyway. Arrived home after work... expecting to get my suprise handed to me in the form of comfy pants, slippers or some form of warm clothing... and then he made me go freaking searching!

I stomped around and with a clue 'half of its outside and the other inside' i found my brand new mistubishi heatpump goodness installed in my garden... nevermind the yukka they had removed to install it... that yukka isnt going to keep me warm anyway!

And into the lounge i go to find the inside bit that now makes our house cosy and warm! A FIRST! :) :) :)

Best suprise ever!!!

Win win holiday.

NOT ONLY did i just have a whole month of swanning around europe, in the sun, seeing the most amazing things ever... but i come home and the treats haven't stopped!
No more holidays of course... but whilst i was away my favorite husband in the world slaved away earning $, looking after our fence jumping puppy and BEST of all, made some serious progress on our house renos!

When i left the house looked a bit like this....

And then i returned to this list of accomplishments:
Light in my pantry
Ignition working on my gas hob finally (So I don't have to manually light the hobs!)
Extractor fan wiring up and working
More lighting wired in kitchen ready for downlights to be installed
Exterior light installed and working
Laundry bi-fold doors framed up and installed
Ceiling and walls finally jibbed!
Hallway wall filled in (where we removed the old cupboard) and whole wall re-plastered ready for paint
Kitchen/Dining room all plastered ready for paint
and it looks a bit like this now.......................

Trust me.. that is serious progress right there! I'm such a lucky wife.. should go on solo holidays more often!

Oh and another bonus of being away for a month... Gaz learnt how to cook really good lasagna from his Dad! So lasagna it is... mon, tues, wed... haha not complaining if hes in the kitchen though! :P Thanks Allan!