Thursday, November 4, 2010


There is something about me and not being able to accept things for what they are.

The damn chinese hat. (Covered in cobwebs.. but whatever)
Classic piece of design right there. Its such a simple, well known, affordable piece of everyday design that has become part of a trazillion lives around the globe (whether they like it or not). Though, i will give it some credit, it serves its purpose well and has been rewarded by years of sales and i'm sure will be rewarded for years to come.

But it irritates me... I have two sitting right in front of me. I randomly feel the urge to modify, to create, to change it. So out comes the knife and i begin to shape it into petal forms. I'm not saying i have recovered the chinese hat by any means. But i feel such satisfaction looking up at my 'once-was-chinese-hat' creation.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Fractal in Hawkes Bay

I recently had the best weekend ever away up in the Hawkes bay with 2 of my favorite girls (Aimie & Kylie). We took the family wagon up to visit Aimie's Parents in their new place.

Aimies parents and a bit of tourism were the main events planned, but both me and Aims managed to slip in a bit of a business trip too.

Aims is a famous NZ metal artist. Her work is called RaWIRoN and can be viewed here: But anyway... She had just finished some amazing gigantic letters that spell 'EAT' and wanted to find a place to sell them in the Hawkes Bay. These managed to fill most of the bootspace which is awesome. And then we stuffed in a few fractal lamps and a suitcase of my design work.

We visited a number of galleries and shops around the place.. People seemed to love my lamp up in that direction! One lady loved the clear so i made one up for her:

It was a successful weekend too.. I now have a stockist for my White fractal lamps in Havelock North called RED CURRENT. So if your ever there, stop by and purchase one ;)
And Aimie now has a metal cake in a gallery in Napier and hopefully her EAT in another in Ahuriri.


We did have a ceiling in our laundry. A really crappy falling apart one. We'll not anymore.. Gaz did a good job of smashing it down - foot first!

This was all very fun, UNTIL, The old woolen spray insulation that was all settled down underneath the pink bats came snowing down. We had a full drop sheet between the kitchen and where it was falling from.. but the kitchen got absolutely covered in grose old 50 year old dust.

So i did some mega dusting.. and some more... and even now its calmed down a bit each day there seems to be a new layer settled on the bench. Hygeine at its best. I have given up.

Bet you wish you had one of theeese!!!

Yes thats right! A husband in his grundies doing the plumbing!

If only i recorded the song he was composing at the time... went something along the lines of "im a plumber, im a plumber.. oh yeah i'm a plumber"

I think thats all i need to say...

How Genius is this??

I never thought i could be so clever. Planting seeds in egg cartons is just so greater idea... i wish i found out earlier.

This is my observation:

1) The carton keeps moist and doesn't dry out at the same rate as the dirt.
2) The carton starts breaking down slightly during the germination period which means when the seed generates roots they just pop out the bottom of the egg carton without any strain on the plant.
3) You are re-using and decomposing a consumable product.
4) The seedlings are easier to plant (egg carton and all) and possibly less disruption to the roots.
5) Garden centers should get amongst.. no more plastic seed containers!

Go on... try it.