Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Fractal in Hawkes Bay

I recently had the best weekend ever away up in the Hawkes bay with 2 of my favorite girls (Aimie & Kylie). We took the family wagon up to visit Aimie's Parents in their new place.

Aimies parents and a bit of tourism were the main events planned, but both me and Aims managed to slip in a bit of a business trip too.

Aims is a famous NZ metal artist. Her work is called RaWIRoN and can be viewed here: But anyway... She had just finished some amazing gigantic letters that spell 'EAT' and wanted to find a place to sell them in the Hawkes Bay. These managed to fill most of the bootspace which is awesome. And then we stuffed in a few fractal lamps and a suitcase of my design work.

We visited a number of galleries and shops around the place.. People seemed to love my lamp up in that direction! One lady loved the clear so i made one up for her:

It was a successful weekend too.. I now have a stockist for my White fractal lamps in Havelock North called RED CURRENT. So if your ever there, stop by and purchase one ;)
And Aimie now has a metal cake in a gallery in Napier and hopefully her EAT in another in Ahuriri.


  1. Yay congrats Jutie! Thats so awesome! Theres a redcurrent on Allen St too - you should try get your lamps in there! Miss you guys and wish I could have come on the weekend away! xxxx

  2. Aww thanks Han. Yeah plan is to approach them all.. and more! (think one in CHCH too) :) Just got to get off my bum tis all. xxxx Wish you could have come too han.. when i get the photos i will blog you through it ;)

    Thanks to you too Nicolas! I did pick the best photo to show it off lol.