Sunday, October 31, 2010

Hannahs 6ths Birthday

It all started with:
A hard core DJ set up

A crazy mother

An Aunty trying to re-live her childhood

A bunch of costumed kids from school

Pass the parcel

Followed by some sugar

An awesome pumpkin cake (Sugar)

The dance competition & statues

Followed by more sugar

Flying broomsticks

A game kids like to call "Attacking the witch"

And farrrrrrrrr out. Am i glad that this is only an annual event!?! I am completely ex-haus-ted! STILL!

Trouble is on its way!

Gaz has begged for long enough - and i have given in. I blame this 'pet want' on his Mother who was reluctant to let him have even a harmless pet goldfish :P hehe. Nah to be honest we are both equally excited about getting our new lil Weimaraner pup. So thanks Alison! Our pup does not yet have a name, and we dont actually get her until the start of December... But today, while we were in Auckland - we got to meet her adorable self, her tribe of 10 brothers and her gorgeous Mum.


Even the birthday girl approved...
Looking forward to much fun and a good excuse for lots of adventures and outdoor fun with our new lil girl pup. Not looking forward to it costing a fortune and a half.. but she'll be worth it i'm sure.

Last minute creation No. 5678

Here is the clock i made for Hannahs 6th Birthday.

Nothing like a Last minute creation. They are always the best ones!

Big Weekend!

Today was Hannahs 6th Birthday! Gaz and I made sure we were in Auckland for the occasion. This included a weekend full of highlights such as:

  • Witnessing the famous Welsh novel of Claire Elizabeth Ramson "The Weathering of Biopolymers", oh and catching up with herself and A+A of corse.. :P
  • Rading Mums wardrobe to find possible "Disco Witch" attire - sure enough mum's wardrobe was sporting a number of possiblilties. The chosen being a nice sparkly black number (Thanks Mum). This, coupled with a spare-of-the-moment broom made from shrubbery from the side of the road (thanks Mamaku) made for a perfect target for a whole party of children to completely naker me out!! "CHASE THAT WITCH!!" Ahhh.. I could not keep up with 10+ sugar fueled party goers! Nanna Nap was a neccessary.
  • Last minute birthday creation.. Hannahs Clock - Involved being very self absorbed in Nikkis sewing room from 7pm-12pm whilst everybody else partied their socks off for Dions 30th.
  • Being woken up the following morning at 6am by a certain 6 year old demanding her promised birthday present (the finished clock).
  • Going to visit our new and oh-so cute puppy
  • Flying home to pick up a new garden shed.

Action packed. Glad to be home. Glad to have hung out with the coolest neice and siblings in the whole world.. And the bonous of catching up with the rest of the whanau including a flying visit to see Poppa!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Oh look, some light!

Given that i work in lighting... I thought it was only about time that i should get off my bum and install our new LED under cabinet lighting.

I spent this weekend making a channel in our wall kitchen cabinets for the LED profile to recess into... Finally got the lighting installed and the cabinets back on the wall today.

Here they are... This is daylight too so sun streaming in the window doesn't help show the awesome bench lighting that these produce. Pretty much don't need any other lights in the kitchen - thats how cool they are!
Nothing better than some exaggeration to top my story off. Realistically there will be more lights to come...

Saturday, October 2, 2010

How convenient!

A certain BUILDER GLEDHILL returns from his overseas venture... and what do you know????


This of course is part of the major plan to increase the kitchen space by recessing fridge & oven kitchen units back into our oversized laundry.
Quite handy having someone around who actually knows what they are doing! I thought i was getting fast at this buildery stuff, but Mr Gledhill has put things into perspective around here. I now have a broom in my hand and am on lunch duty.

No Complaints here though! Thanks CODY!!!!

Ps. Need french doors asap. Buggers want $1400 at the building recyclers! Cant afford that luxury.. so Sheets of ply boarding up the giagantic hole in the back of our house it is.