Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Gone with thy ply board and welcome MY NEW FRENCH DOORS!

Like the title suggests.... just in time for winter... the ply board door patching the big hole in the bricks is upgraded to our nice new/old wooden french doors. Ohhh! No more unlatching fence bolts and heaving a makeshift shed like door out of the way just to enter the back yard! Whoop.

Big fat thanks to the muscle men in the photos Dave and Cody! Oh and that other guy... my husband.

If we just go back in time a wee bit...... There was an old back porche there... It started out looking a bit like this...

One weekend had the window out, and the walls being removed....

And the walls removed.... and hence the need for a plyboard door to become the barrier between inside and outside. And i might just add. this all happened back in November last year.... Its now April, so i a rightfully excited to have real life doors after 5 months of very frustrating backyard access.

WhooOOOP My cameras back!

Lego kindly chewed the camera cord and i didnt notice so proceeded to plug it into my computer only to fry the connection to the circuit board. Golden. After a month of fear of getting a bill for the repairs... turns out Canon diagnosed it was their fault the circuit board had crapped out so fixed it all for free. Excellent!

But anyway.... thanks again lego for being so awesome. Lucky you have flannels for ears which make you look relatively cute and sort of ease the pain you cause with your diggy pours, plant wrecking antics and camera destroying chewing.

Soooo... on with the photos i have been dying to upload! :)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Still love my/Grans bike..

Biked to Sarah & Brents for dinner and then a nice casual bike ride through the Waterloo tunnel on our way home.. nothing major, but admittedly was a while ago in dress wearing weather.

Oh Hello Holes... i wonder when you might get fixed??

Locked Lego In

Well we thought we had locked lego in. Gaz built these great big gates to keep her home during the day...

Cant go over it, cant go through it, cant go around it... gotta go under it!
Shes a digging machine... needed some concrete under it to stop her little diggy paws!
But anyway. OooO ahhh, good gates Gaz!



New pooer

Had a few leakages from the old school toliet. Not ideal. So we busted a new one in. Actually screw that, we weren't up for it ourselves so we got a plumber in to do the lovely job. Couldn't resist but to adorn the old systern remnaints on the wall with a toilet sign. :)

Old Toilet

New Toilet

Put a new hat on our shed

A while back now.. but still worth a story.
Gaz and I spent the weekend repairing our little shed. Well, we had already painted it a few posts back... but the old roof didnt keep much water out due to a major rust infection. Just so happened that Gaz found some free clear roofing so we slapped it on. Extended the roof line a tad so i can eventually have a dry firewood stash or a potting bench under cover.

And when i say 'we' what i really mean is i sat on a deck chair in the sun and Gaz did a really good job!