Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Gone with thy ply board and welcome MY NEW FRENCH DOORS!

Like the title suggests.... just in time for winter... the ply board door patching the big hole in the bricks is upgraded to our nice new/old wooden french doors. Ohhh! No more unlatching fence bolts and heaving a makeshift shed like door out of the way just to enter the back yard! Whoop.

Big fat thanks to the muscle men in the photos Dave and Cody! Oh and that other guy... my husband.

If we just go back in time a wee bit...... There was an old back porche there... It started out looking a bit like this...

One weekend had the window out, and the walls being removed....

And the walls removed.... and hence the need for a plyboard door to become the barrier between inside and outside. And i might just add. this all happened back in November last year.... Its now April, so i a rightfully excited to have real life doors after 5 months of very frustrating backyard access.

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