Saturday, July 31, 2010

Out with the old and in with the new

See for yourself... Salmon coloured cupboards, complete lack of bench space and puke flecked lino. This was my old kitchen.
After pricing up kitchens at bunnings and choking on the prices which would be quite acceptable for some.. we resorted to months of trademe-ing to find the bargain of the century that would suit the tiny weeny budget, be close by and most importantly fit our space. Quite the mission! But we got there in the end.
This weekend we finally got to pick our new 2nd hand kitchen up! We bought it 2 months ago.. so the wait has been torturous and my patience for salmon and lack on bench space wearing thin. Each night after work we would set to work disassembling our old kitchen ready for the new kitchen.

It all started with a bit of demo jute. A crow bar and hammer soon dealt to the old kitchen units.
Nothing like a bit of drunken demolition either!! Gaz and I got home at 12pm after a night of parting last Saturday night, and spontaneously decided to rip up the lino exposing the wooden flooring. Proved quite productive! Not sure the neighbours would have been impressed with our music cranking and drunkenly making a hell of a racket both inside and out, but got the job done and worked off a bit of alcohol too! Bonus.

With all the old kitchen units now removed and the wooden floors exposed we were ready to pick up our new kitchen! Finally. And soooo glad the weather turned out fine! Outside space was key!!!
We managed to get all of the units inside just before the sun went down and here they are all sitting (nearly) in their places.

And then... nothing like a last minute decision! We decided to insulate the room before fixing the units in place. So off with the walls!
Andd... i am exhausted!!!!! But our kitchen is nice and toasty now! :) Still loads of work to do though so more takeaways for Gaz and Jute.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Grandads Shed

Ohhh my gosh! I found the old photos i took of grandads shed. Cant believe it. They are more awesome than i remember.. and they make the other pic i found look amature. See.... Gaz and I being the hoardery type we kept those orange storage thingees in the pic above.. little momento of how Gus was ultra cool and i'm now inspired to drag them out of a box and put them in MY shed with MY shadow board. :) Which wont look to dissimilar to this i hope:

I really am quite average at layout in this whole blog thing. Ah well images on the left it is then, and the one i wanted at the top, just at the bottom will do thanks blog.
So there you go.. now you know what i was rambling about yesterday.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Garden sheds

I stumbled accross this cute wee shed.
I want itttt!
Then i remembered we have a shed. Perfectly good shed, that is until a gust of wind gets the better of it and helps it over. The boys have already threatned to tackle it one day in order to provide Gaz with an excuse to build a BIGGER man shed.

This reminded me about the shadow board i am yet to finish. Grandad had a badass one which i would like to replicate. I'll have to hunt down some images of it.

But it was along this lines of this one, and the image is cool so there.

I'll add it to my summer list i think.

Moral of this post?

Garden sheds are cool. Nearly falling over sheds are cool if they are kitted out with sweet shadow boards for garden tools.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Old house plans

Here are the plans we recovered from housing NZ when we got the house. Turns out the council dont even have these puppies.

Love the inch measurements and the oldschool character of the plans... not to even mention the house itself.

Gaz won best husband of the year when he got a friend in the signwriting industry to whip these drawings up on canvas and mount them on frames for our anniversary.

Mounted on the hallway wall they are becoming a constant reminder of the original character that we are trying keep whist accommodating for our modern living style.