Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Garden sheds

I stumbled accross this cute wee shed.
I want itttt!
Then i remembered we have a shed. Perfectly good shed, that is until a gust of wind gets the better of it and helps it over. The boys have already threatned to tackle it one day in order to provide Gaz with an excuse to build a BIGGER man shed.

This reminded me about the shadow board i am yet to finish. Grandad had a badass one which i would like to replicate. I'll have to hunt down some images of it.

But it was along this lines of this one, and the image is cool so there.

I'll add it to my summer list i think.

Moral of this post?

Garden sheds are cool. Nearly falling over sheds are cool if they are kitted out with sweet shadow boards for garden tools.


  1. That is one seriously cute garden shed! I think you should also post some picks of your scrap metal garden ornaments, or won't GAZ let you? xxxx

  2. I have kept this post open all day long so I can keep looking at this gorgeous inspiration! I've loved backyard sheds and cottages since I was a kid and my grandparents had TWO in their backyard,Tough to beat that level of adorable. Neither, of course, looked as lovely as these. But really... I'm not sure I've ever seen any this amazing cheap sheds in real life.

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  4. One great thing of having a garden sheds is that once you buy it from the store you can assemble it and use it immediately. And if you have a problem with some of the parts of your sheds you can also have it replaced immediately.

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  5. LOL, are garden sheds
    can be toppled easily by strong winds? Well if i had such a lovely one just like the one above then i will do everything to surpass any storm.