Wednesday, February 16, 2011

One brew down

Gareth got a brewing kit for his birthday from his wife. She was very skeptical about how the first attempt was going to turn out... but he was quite good with the whole sterilizing bizo right throughout the process which surprised me a tad.

Anyway.. it was a bit more than skeptical really. I was SCARED! I mean if he stuffed it up, theres 30 litres of the crap to drink!!! 60 freakn bottles worth, so you can understand where my fear came from.

The moment of truth came after a good 4 weeks of brewage. Gaz poured the first ever sample of his brew into two glasses and we were a little concerned at the fact that instead of the froth gradually disappearing as the beer settled... it was getting mighty fizzy with the froth increasing by the moment. So in i went for a good sample gulp. My first reaction - i was completely confused. Were my taste buds being particularly bias or what the hecks going on here? so i took a second gulp... still quite unsure about the whole situation i gulped again... before long the glass was emptied because it tasted freakn awesome, Whewf!!

first cloudy pour - actually tasted good!

It wasnt just me being my normal supportive wifey self. ;) - the girls seems to down it ok too. So quite stoked about it being not only drinkable... but actually quite top knotch. Gaz had the pouring down packed by then too which may have helped. Gotta be a bit cautious not to get the bottom of the swapper in the glass as you get nice chunks of cloudy beer which cause the whole fizzing scenario.

Crystal Clear pours for the girls to sample

3 crates have been demolished and so its brew time again. The challenge now is to see if it was a fluke or whether he can better it! haha

Monday, February 14, 2011

Imagine a dining table and chairs here!

This might not look like much other than a pile of crap and some bank account breaking dog food... but thats not all, I'll educate you. The green floor and the ply wood part combined are our new dining room!! Up until now, we have had props holding the roof up right in the middle of this space. Progress has been made.. the ceiling is all strengthened and the props have removed... so its more real now. We can actually see where the table will go.

Dont walk in the middle of this room now Dad, or you'll be standing on my dining table.... Sorry just a little 'had to be there' kinda joke.

Weekend Creation

The windows ARENT painted... but i made myself a new skirt! & i quite like it :)

Vintage fabric came from our honeymoon secondhand shop find in Mayfield.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

I quite like the Hutt

After years of wondering who on earth would ever choose to live out in THE HUTT, and the amount of times i have dished out endless abuse to anyone who had enough balls to admitted they permanently resided there (despite us being from Rotorua! But they didnt need to know that). I have just come to realise that i actually quite like the place.

Its probably the closest wellington gets to Rotorua, and maybe thats why i feel so at home. Lately, thanks to Lego, my bike and my legs... we have actually gotten out an about and found some quite beautiful places quite close to home.

Jumping river rocks in the Hutt River - Avalon

Gum Loop Track - Wainuiomata

Ridge Track - Eastbourne

Yet, my windows still don't seem to paint themselves... dammit!

Kitchen/laundry conversion is shaping up baby!

WHOOOP. Nothing to say... but.... look my fridge now has a home.... finally!