Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Birthday Goodness!

Its a bit sad when you get excited about a ute load of dirt and a shovel. This was my 25th birthday present from my lovely husband... I wasn't counting on it being transformed into a garden too.. but he and his lovely mother slaved away yesterday creating the garden i had requested. :) Love it!
My new garden:

Completely satisfied and not expecting anything more exciting... i arrived home yesterday to find another pressy had turned up for me from Gareth. A hand held device that WILL show a bird a thing or two about who's boss of our section. Yes thats right, im going to hunt down the fricken bird that tells me all day long that i am trespassing on his property and shoot it with my new BB gun! The little shyte of a bird follows me around the house perching just outside the window i'm near to alarm my ear drums, and if i dare use his deck he flies down just out of arms reach to have a go at me. Sick of it, and obviously Gaz is sick of hearing about it.. so Yay my very own bird scaring device :)

And then to top it RIGHT off. Turns out my mother and sister too know me very well. Who spoilt the crap out of me at my new hang out... High Tea @ Sweet Pea.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

40 weeks and 3 days...

Child clearly didn't listen to my last post... as i am now 3 days overdue awaiting her arrival.

Ah well she'll come when she's ready, but just letting her know she has two very impatient parents dying to meet her!!!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Your bassinet is finally ready so you can come out now baby!

Wohoo, one project down!
The bassinet is finally finished. I figured she wouldn't want to come out of my big belly until her bed was made, so that gave me some motivation to complete it.

This is the bassinet that Nikki, then me, and eventually Rob slept in as babies. Prior to that Mums cousins used it... so i would go as far as to say it has had at least 30 or so years of existence. The most recent baby that used it was my favourite little ginger niece, so i its quite special to be able to put our wee one in it too!

It arrived in its stained pine finish, a wee bit rat chewn, and in need of little love after so many years of use or not so much use as being left in storage between babies.

Its crazy too.. because i was in a second hand shop down the road and found one EXACTLY the same! Never seen another before, haven't really looked to be honest, but for one to be still rocking around be it in tragic baby yellow was a bit awesome, especially because i needed to knick a few parts off it to restore our one! So i paid the man $20 and took away my new donor basinet which was soon to repair our the family one.

The old original basinet with its new parts it was missing

Once it was fixed up Gaz got his nesting on, and sanded it back with me ready for paint.

Once painted in a nice clean coat of white lacquer, i got my sewing machine out and whipped up the new fabric interior lining.
Here is it in its finished state, all ready for a mini Ramson to get some sleep in.