Thursday, February 3, 2011

I quite like the Hutt

After years of wondering who on earth would ever choose to live out in THE HUTT, and the amount of times i have dished out endless abuse to anyone who had enough balls to admitted they permanently resided there (despite us being from Rotorua! But they didnt need to know that). I have just come to realise that i actually quite like the place.

Its probably the closest wellington gets to Rotorua, and maybe thats why i feel so at home. Lately, thanks to Lego, my bike and my legs... we have actually gotten out an about and found some quite beautiful places quite close to home.

Jumping river rocks in the Hutt River - Avalon

Gum Loop Track - Wainuiomata

Ridge Track - Eastbourne

Yet, my windows still don't seem to paint themselves... dammit!


  1. Hey Jutey! Glad you are enjoying the hutt lovey! Love seeing your pics! x

  2. Aww good, glad you read my blog! Keeps you right up to date huh. But sorry i talk so much crap hehe. I'm really really excited that i might see you soon! xxx