Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Win win holiday.

NOT ONLY did i just have a whole month of swanning around europe, in the sun, seeing the most amazing things ever... but i come home and the treats haven't stopped!
No more holidays of course... but whilst i was away my favorite husband in the world slaved away earning $, looking after our fence jumping puppy and BEST of all, made some serious progress on our house renos!

When i left the house looked a bit like this....

And then i returned to this list of accomplishments:
Light in my pantry
Ignition working on my gas hob finally (So I don't have to manually light the hobs!)
Extractor fan wiring up and working
More lighting wired in kitchen ready for downlights to be installed
Exterior light installed and working
Laundry bi-fold doors framed up and installed
Ceiling and walls finally jibbed!
Hallway wall filled in (where we removed the old cupboard) and whole wall re-plastered ready for paint
Kitchen/Dining room all plastered ready for paint
and it looks a bit like this now.......................

Trust me.. that is serious progress right there! I'm such a lucky wife.. should go on solo holidays more often!

Oh and another bonus of being away for a month... Gaz learnt how to cook really good lasagna from his Dad! So lasagna it is... mon, tues, wed... haha not complaining if hes in the kitchen though! :P Thanks Allan!

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  1. Yay Jutey house is looking awesome! Miss you xx