Sunday, October 31, 2010

Trouble is on its way!

Gaz has begged for long enough - and i have given in. I blame this 'pet want' on his Mother who was reluctant to let him have even a harmless pet goldfish :P hehe. Nah to be honest we are both equally excited about getting our new lil Weimaraner pup. So thanks Alison! Our pup does not yet have a name, and we dont actually get her until the start of December... But today, while we were in Auckland - we got to meet her adorable self, her tribe of 10 brothers and her gorgeous Mum.


Even the birthday girl approved...
Looking forward to much fun and a good excuse for lots of adventures and outdoor fun with our new lil girl pup. Not looking forward to it costing a fortune and a half.. but she'll be worth it i'm sure.


  1. OH MY GOD JUTE! She is so gorgeous! I'm in love! xxxxx

  2. Awww.. she is a bit huh! Cant wait to get her... we booked her flights today so the poor wee girl will have alot to get used to when we do finally get her! In the meantime... we have some serious fence building to do! Glad you approve han :)

  3. Tehe indeed! Shes on my desktop at work haha! Makes me smile all day long! How are you jutey? We should set a skype time! I miss you! xxxx

  4. Haha thats awesome! I'm sure there will be loads of cute pictures to come too. Hey i agree. I miss you more! Wish we could have taken you on our girly road trip to hawkes bay. There was a spare seat 4 ya! When shall we do this? Whats your schedule like? xx

  5. Weekends are best for me - now that the time has changed here and at your end its a bit difficult to get times but either morning here and night at your end is good, or the other way around! I have no net at home at the moment, but I can come to work whenever so just when is good for you! xxx

  6. Oh that sounds like lots of effort! I can do sunday evening 8pm? Only if its not too much of mish. Maybe i could write you a novel of an email instead? Would love to talk to ya proper like though. So let me know if thats ok and if you flick me your txt number i could txt reminder you.