Sunday, October 31, 2010

Big Weekend!

Today was Hannahs 6th Birthday! Gaz and I made sure we were in Auckland for the occasion. This included a weekend full of highlights such as:

  • Witnessing the famous Welsh novel of Claire Elizabeth Ramson "The Weathering of Biopolymers", oh and catching up with herself and A+A of corse.. :P
  • Rading Mums wardrobe to find possible "Disco Witch" attire - sure enough mum's wardrobe was sporting a number of possiblilties. The chosen being a nice sparkly black number (Thanks Mum). This, coupled with a spare-of-the-moment broom made from shrubbery from the side of the road (thanks Mamaku) made for a perfect target for a whole party of children to completely naker me out!! "CHASE THAT WITCH!!" Ahhh.. I could not keep up with 10+ sugar fueled party goers! Nanna Nap was a neccessary.
  • Last minute birthday creation.. Hannahs Clock - Involved being very self absorbed in Nikkis sewing room from 7pm-12pm whilst everybody else partied their socks off for Dions 30th.
  • Being woken up the following morning at 6am by a certain 6 year old demanding her promised birthday present (the finished clock).
  • Going to visit our new and oh-so cute puppy
  • Flying home to pick up a new garden shed.

Action packed. Glad to be home. Glad to have hung out with the coolest neice and siblings in the whole world.. And the bonous of catching up with the rest of the whanau including a flying visit to see Poppa!

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  1. 4 posts on one day! you've definitely been sucked into the blogging world... :)

    Glad you enjoyed your weekend, clock looks amazing!