Sunday, September 19, 2010

Swiper stands her ground

Our Neighbors told us ages ago that the lady who lived here previous to us had made best buds with a duck. So much so that this said duck would use the cat door as its entry to the house when dinner time rolled around daily.

Out of the blue, this arvo, a duck flew straight down onto our section like it was on a mission. I think it thought it had flown home for summer. Ridiculously friendly and very quacky he munched down frozen pieces of bread as i dropped them on the grass at our back door step.

This didn't last long unfortunately. Gareth is mean and hunted down our cat whilst i was feeding what i thought was my new pet duck.

I'm not cut out for action photography, especially an unexpected moment such as duck vs Swiper. Poor wee duck. Swiper leapt into the air and missed as the duck flew off into the distance miserably quacking about the mean cat that stole its summer home.
No pet duck whilst Swiper is in charge that is for sure

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