Friday, March 4, 2011

Thank you lego.

Dont get me wrong....

I love gardening. So much so i was really really proud of my three native purchases yesterday night from a cute wee retired man in Petone who grows seeds he finds on his NZ bush adventures a a hobby. I was extemely excited about planting them somewhere special in the back yard, but wanted to make a good decision about their permanent location so i thought i would procrastinate a night until i was sure on where to put them.

What i don't like is FORCED gardening. Arriving home on a friday night ready to open a bottle of wine and chill out. Walking out the back door... and hello.... all 3 of my brand new favorite trees dug out of their pots, chewed to death and lying around the section with no earth around their poor little roots, just horribly left to die in the sun. Rude!

I was not impressed. I was a very grumpy person. And that puppy that decided it was such good amusement for her day at home to mess with my plants, she heard the end of it. I started talking politely to her as she sat and stared at me like i was crazy. The conversion became quite heated between us, because the more i told her about how she had ruined my week and that i didnt love her anymore, she barked at me like she had an excuse for every part of it. She knew she was in trouble... be still she felt she had to have the last word.

So silent treatment for the entire night it was. She did not like it. So i hope shes learnt not to get between me and my plants... and i have learnt... no procrastinating with planting new plants. Make a decision and run with it. ahhh shes more painful than a child!

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