Saturday, January 14, 2012

Plummms! PLUMS for africa!

Our plum tree pulls through with the goods after 2 years of harsh pruning and false hopes!

Note: please dont laugh at my rather large garden ornament in the photo above. It has acted as a great ladder for picking plums. And just In case Gareth asks.. i have most certainly have not been climbing on the roof of his lovely old car...

So many fricken plums i don't know what to do! I've exhausted my sugar stash making shitloads of jam. The yummiest jam EVAH might i add. Have tried giving lots away... but they just keep coming.

Now i am battling with fruit flies and the fricken birds... just lucky i have my BB gun nearby!

My espalier apple is not far away either.. and not to mention the strawberry bed lego has adopted, a passionfruit plant thats double in size, fejoas just warming up and a machine of a lemon tree about to deliver. Just call me Jute the Fruit.

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