Sunday, May 13, 2012

Goodbye rotty rot rot

Finally we have a rot free wall! Quite a major part of the structure of your house is the top plate (apparently). But not so flash when you can poke your finger straight through the timber... Somewhat unstructurally sound in fact. So the lot got ripped out and replaced. Not the smallest job in the world either... Involved ripping off all the exterior cladding (plaster over meshhy business) and the inevitable... Exposing more rot! Weeeee. Nothing phases gaz though, so out it all came and she's as sturdy as new now! Flagged repeating the original swish effect plaster coating this time though. Trusty dave did his normal overamazing helping for a day again and by the time you can say "10 sausages and a box of beer"... the whole gable end was recladded with hardy board and a flash coat of texture paint slapped on by Simon :)
I must say the wall was the most obvious from the road so it's nice to have a lovely looking wall with nice new wood :) had to introduce the child to building so up the scaffold she went too!

Thanks to everyone the helped! Dave you are a star! And even the scaffold was donated!

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