Wednesday, December 1, 2010

HA! That will teach you burglar!!!

For those who havent heard the ultra dumb news... Some bastard made himself welcome to our house and property. Through our top (and quite high might i add) kitchen window. Not even a nice considerate burglar. He smashed my nice wine glasses that were in his way. Grrrr... and thats just the start.

He then proceeded to clean poor Mr Builder Gledhills new room out of a playstation, camera, laptop (with his last 6months of travelling photos) etc etc. Dumb part was... the alarm sensor had been playing up in that particular room so we had disarmed it.. so he could take his pleasurely time.. even wrapping up the cords for Codys new massive TV (maybe for a return visit?) and then going for a fish into the lounge. Bad decision really.. He managed to get our playstation and had big ambitions to take Gaz's Stereo system. That was until, our awesome alarm peirced his ears and he dropped his lounge pickings, and scampered outter here.

I feel so terrible about all Codys memories lost.. as well as lots of expensive gear... :( but the ever so frightened burglar did leave quite alot of our stuff behind. Thanks for that.

This was all of course while Gaz and I were on a lovely holiday down south... the kinda one where you dont really want to hear bad news such as above. Moving on a little in time. We arrived home on Tuesday with our new puppy, to an amazingly clean house (Thanks KY! x).
Due to the puppy being new and us working full time, Gaz decided to take a few days off work to settle the puppy at home. Today was the first.

As he sat at his computer in the lounge with the curtains facing the road shut, he noticed a shadow whisk past the other side window. This shadow was distinctly burglarly like - back for the items he left behind. But as he passed the window he saw Gaz sitting inside. He made a fast getaway across the lawn assuming he had not been seen. With a phone on direct dial to the police and a slow paced walk behind this piece of crap for a human Gaz followed until. UNTIL! With Gaz's navigation and the most awesome of police appeared from all directions and captured our burglar!

We weren't suprised to hear that he was already wearing a home detention bracelet and was wanted on a trillion charges of horibleness. The Police were very impressed with my awesome detective husband. Thanks to our gorgeous little puppy for requiring Gaz's looking after during potential further burglary time. Of course this doesnt mean Cods gets his stuff back.. which is so dumb! but mannnn i feel good knowing that poor excuse for a person is going to be locked up at the very least.

Freakky to know! But let me assure you.. Since all of this we have gone to extraoridnary measures to make sure our house is very hard to help yourself too. Dont like their chances next time!

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