Saturday, December 4, 2010

Delayed Honeymoon - Rakaia & Mayfairs 2nd hand treasures

We recently went on our honeymoon. We thought we better do it before our 2 year anniversary. It helped that we had saved up a bit of spending money as our holiday would have been a bit bare boned if we went at the time of our wedding.

Anyway. We had an awesome time! The south Island i so incredibly beautiful. And i've decided instead of blogging vaguely about the trip in one post. rather i will a blog for each exciting part in more detail. So prepare to get overloaded.

Rakaia River Bridge

Our trip started going through the Rakaia gorge which we have seen a million times.. but its still pretty and this was the start of our self taken photos of ourselves (of which we mastered the art of self timed and extended arm shots).

Lusting after 2nd hand goodness at Mayfair
We then came accross THE meanest 2nd hand shop ever. While gaz was scoping out vintage bikes and old suitcases i was lusting over vintage fabrics and crownlynn. In doing so we clocked up over an hour in this heaven for a shop. HEAVEN i tell ya.
As you can see... endless supplies of crown lynn crockery, old suitcases, bikes, furniture, vintage fabric, jewellery etc etc.

A must see on any southisland trip. Unsure why wises maps havent caught onto this iconic NZ attraction yet. I certainly marked it on our copy for future reference. Mayfair people mayfair!

To be continued...


  1. I made that photo of the crown lynn stuff REAL BIG and stared at it for aaaaaaages. I hate you. Just a little.

  2. P.S. Wises maps may not have caught on because it's called MAYFIELD. Doofus. xo