Friday, January 21, 2011

Family Earloom

Yeah i dont know how to spell.. but you understand i'm sure.

I consider myself very privilaged to have one of the best type of earlooms, Grans old bike. It has been hanging up in Dads shed for the past couple of years and i have been setting my eyes on it since. Conveniently Nikki had just got a new bike to keep her occupied and its a girls bike so i didnt need to fend Robbie off... So i laid claim to it. It came with strict instuctions from both Dad and Gran... Storage: Must be undercover, Love: Must be riden often, Condition: Look after it with your life. Sounds daunting i know, but relax, the novelty hasn't worn off yet and i am pursuing all 3 rules on a daily basis.

I looooove my new/old bike. It came on the back of the wagon for an adventure up the south island... (bailing twin and all)

It got its first work out at the farm in Kaikoura

Since, it has has some serious adventures around the ghetto that is Waiwhetu. Legos adopted it as one of her most favorite things to chase... and hasnt worked out yet that it is NOT OK to chase any old bike down the street! :S

Now i'm not sure how the fine print goes in terms of modifications or 'improvements' go to said vehicle above... but i'm hoping this one is exempt. She now is adorned with her own wee vintage saddle bag, see:

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