Monday, January 3, 2011

Holiday goodness

I am back in Wellington after a week long of ditching the husband and holidaying it up in Christchurch at Dad's.
In summary:
- Ferried & Road tripped to CHCH with my lil bro
- Ate wayyy too much
- Rode a bike really slow (about 10km behind everyone else), received lots of shit for my lack of biking ability and later realised i was doomed from the start as the brake was stuck permanently on my whole ride!
- Played at lake hood with a Jetski & recovered from bike ride of doom.
- Became a florist for a day for Dad & Caros Wedding
- Saw Dad sign up Caro
- Gained 2 step siblings
- Caught up with lots of family
- Cringed at most horrible hair cut 2010
- Laughed alot
- Rob and I convoyed with Nicolas, Dion & Han to Kaikoura
- Tented at a woolshed in the middle of nowhere. Ate the best food ever: freshly killed and stewed rabbit, roast quail, duck and venison.
- Saw some sights in Kaikoura with Rob
- Ferried home!

Awesome holiday - Also glad to be home.

Some evidence below:

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