Tuesday, August 31, 2010

1st of September - Its Spring!

You would think it would be easy picking a spot for a fruit tree when you have a blank canvas for a section.
Well its not. But finally, after much neglect i did it, just in the knick of time before spring!
It's not just any old fruit tree either i'll have you know. It's the beginnings of The Best EVER Braeburn Apple Espalier.

What is an Espalier you ask?
Not your average apple tree - i can tell you that much for free.
It is actually a horticultural technique to train trees through pruning and creating two dimensional patterns. Patterns have their own names like: diamond, palmate, pinnate, cordon, fan, basket weave, tiered, candelabra… I am going for the standard version, nothing fancy.

The Art of Espalier has been practised since the Middle Ages to grow trees inside castles and up on walls to save space. I love the idea. Easy to pick the fruit, space efficient and decorative all in one. I also heard that the controlled pruning actually helps the fruit mature faster. So all round.. why wouldnt you do it? A matter of having time i guess.

Gran & Grandad had a couple acting as a partition on their property... and apart from feeling the need to make my grandparents proud.. i can just see the accessability working a treat when its pumping out edible fruit left, right and centre.

And just a bit of inspiration for its future:

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