Saturday, August 14, 2010


Alot has been done since i felt like i had conquered the whole wide world. Gaz has done his fair share of work in the kitchen to compensate for my sole jibbing. In fact... i cant quite get rid of him yet, he spent most of the week fixing everything i had done wrong! Just when i actually thought i was the man, i'm not. Sorry to dissapoint.

Apparently you need to glue the sheets of jib before you screw them in. haha Gosh im a struggle pants. Anyway - he fixed it... as well as finding the wiring i put behind the jib. Turns out its alot harder to find the wire behind the jib if you mark its location incorrectly. My bad. So hes quite handy.. and quite patient.

So after the jib sheets came off, got glued, and screwed back on... we then installed the wall cabinets.

You might also note Gaz busy in the sink. He learnt, tryed, tested and succeeded at plumbing our entire kitchen system - dishwasher, wastedisposal, water and drainage. I was actually quite suprised when we tested it all out and there was not one drop of water out of place. So again quite a clever plumber for a husband.

You must note: First picture above - old tap. And thisss....... is my new gorgeous tapware. Courteous of a workmates wife. I LOVE IT!

Oh oh oh.. and check out my dishwasher!!!! Its alot more exciting for someone who hasnt had a dishwasher for 4 years than im sure you can imagine.

And its starting to look like a real life kitchen! But lets not get too excited.. There is still shitloads to do.


  1. Looking epic team! Loving the wooden floors too. Did you pick up the cabinets second hand or grab some brand spankers?

  2. Hey Stiltsy!!
    No way did we buy new. Trademe baby. 5 years old and cost us under $1000 including all the appliances. About 1/5th of the price of new, hence compromise in colour etc to fit the budget. But a vast improvement none the less.
    Glad you stopped by :)

  3. Lies. You picked the kitchen because of the sweet aubergine. Goes perfectly with the apricot in the bedroom ;)