Saturday, August 7, 2010

I would just like to say that I am THE man.

Gaz is away for the weekend. Some boy weekend. So my ultra competitive side came out. The one where i am a female and i can do things without your help side.

I thought i would suprise him by going all out. Not only did i paint the spare room.. but I lined the walls with jib alllll byyyy myyyy selllffff. Might i add, those sheets a freaking heavy as ^&*%! And tricky to handle. But you couldnt stop me tonight - i was on a mission.

So here it is. Damnit, the photo doesnt show how hard this was! You will just have to believe me.

Weeeeeeeee... we have insulated, lined kitchen walls! :)


  1. Shit. You're hardcore. Nice work! :D

  2. Nothing like a bit of stubbornness to get the job done.