Monday, August 2, 2010

Be gone thy sponge effect

Ew is all i can say about sponge effect. Must have been trendy about 10 years ago because the previous owners of our house went all out.

When we first came to look at the house i made a smart remark about these horid sponge painted walls... the owner clearly misheard and replied "yes, that was my daughters creative touch" and proceeded to go into detail about how you replicate such a texture - just incase we needed to touch them up at any point.

4 months was enough for me. Well actually it started a little differently to be honest. I got told off for starting exterior jobs in the middle of winter along side trying to rip the kitchen out well before we needed too... a month in fact. And so, to satisfy my need for destruction Gaz let me get the paint brush out - so long as it was INTERIOR painting.

So the yellow sponge walls got dealt to:

Pour a bucket of tea colour into a bucket of spanish white and turns out you get a nice light tea colour. Quite like..

Flush mounting the lightswitches was also a priority. So out came the 1950's 40mm spacers. Yus.
Also, out came the multi-box plugged into multibox with extension lead running around all four walls to the other side of the room to multibox. Safe as ever. And in went powerpoints!!!!!

Still to concquer in our room will be the light situation. Currently the only main light resides over in the far corner of the ceiling. Quite a good position if you like half the room in the dark.. Me? I would prefer the centre thanks.


  1. Hahahahaha Spent that whole post laughing like a maniac. Awesome.

    Hope you managed to make enough of that light tea shade to do your whole room. Wouldn't be surprised if you ran out three walls in.

  2. Jutey I love you! Miss miss! Excited to see how the house is coming along! xx Han

  3. I remember about 14years ago my aunty deciding to decorate her bathroom with a sponge and a tin of orange paint, it looked freaking awful. She had enough taste at the time to only do one wall before deciding that even though it was the happening thing of the time it wasnt going to be happening in her bathroom. Score with the kitchen cabinets i love that colour and the gas hobbs!

  4. Hey han! miss you too.. glad you found our blog, sounds like your doing amazing things over there! Must be time for an email catch up? ;)

    Kate - Oh gosh, Orange? Yeah i'm guessing ours were about 2002.. so definitely the thing to do back then. I hope she had as much satisfaction as me painting over the sponge! And yeah nothing beats a nice functional fairly newish kitchen! Especially when it fits the budget.

    - Jute