Friday, August 6, 2010

Ahhhh.. Thats better

I can now gladly announce that no sponge effect resides at our house. Pheeewf!

Todays mish was to finish painting the spare room (blue sponge).

Luckly for your eyes, and with thanks to sarah and her paint brush, the blue sponge shown above had been toned down slightly with a coat of paint before i got the camera out... Shit you not. I dont usually bother with undercoat.. but i was quite insistant this time that we needed one maybe even two undercoats just to make sure we got good coverage.. i wonder why?

So as you can see this is the colour. Again another one of my random mixes.. A bit of villa white with some amber and what do ya know.. you get a softer version.. lets call it 'soft amber'.

Looks alright. Looks actually not too bad with the white ceiling and window. Actually i think i'm a fan, i think. Only thing is i might need to design some sort of filter for the window.. just to cut out any light that exposes any reference to apricot.. haha. or just pretend its not apricoty and call it free paint. :) And. Lets not forget what is underneath.. makes its quite alot better.

Well enough rambling.. i thought nikki was bad. Turns out its quite easy to talk crap on here.

Here is is:

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  1. Hey. I resent that.

    Soft amber? Is that like apricot blonde?

    Oh ha.